Redesign and development of website for wine importers, Mentzendorff

Client Mentzendorff & Co Ltd

Mentzendorff is one of the UK’s longest-established wine importers.

The client needed to migrate their existing website content to a content management system as an intermediate step before a full rebrand planned as a subsequent phase. I was briefed to maintain a similar look but with a more contemporary feel and move from a fixed-width to a responsive website.

Recommending WordPress as a suitable platform, I produced and presented wireframes of key templates and created a custom theme, iteratively seeking feedback at various stages.

To enable the client to be able to manage their content as easily as possible, I set aside a significant amount of time planning how the data (especially the producers and products) could be integrated into the back end. This included advising the client about content workflows and naming conventions.

I then began the development, populating a staging site with some real content, enough to allow the client to get a feel how it was all working.

I ensured that the client could manage access permissions for their price lists by themselves – previously, they had needed third party help with this.

I maintained close communication with the client at every stage from discovery to deployment, helping with any questions and providing clear explanations.

After training the marketing team on preparation of content and use of the CMS, there were able to confidently take on the management their website independently.

My MD was very happy with everything when the site was presented to the company..., so thank you for all your hard work.

Rebecca Herbert, Events and Marketing Manager